Halotherapy is a 100% natural and drug-free treatment, that has been successfully used in Europe for over 175 years.

What is Halotherapy?2018-09-12T17:00:05-04:00

Halotherapy is an alternative medicine that makes use of salt. Halotherapy is a drug free and holistic treatment, that has been recognized around the world for the treatment of a diverse range of respiratory diseases, and skin and body disorders. See the full list of common illnesses here. Within the last century it has been a widely used alternative form of medicine for these illnesses throughout central and eastern Europe.

How does Halotherapy work within the Salt Cave?2018-08-13T14:29:26-04:00

Within a Salt Cave you receive Halotherapy through the inhalation of dry salt aerosol. There are two major factors that assist in the effectiveness of Halotherapy in a Salt Cave; the environment of a Healing Salt Cave and the medical device known as a Halogenerator. A Salt Cave is a man-made recreation of the environment of a natural and real underground salt mine. This environment creates a micro-climate which induces True Therapeutic Properties. Our medical device, the Halogenerator, grinds pharma grade sodium chloride into tiny particles between 1-5 microns which allows for easy inhalation. The size of these particles allows for the pharma grade sodium chloride to reach the deepest parts of the respiratory system. The combination of the Salt Cave environment and the Halogenerator allow for an effective treatment that breaks down mucus build-up and congestion.

Who benefits the most from Halotherapy and why do people need it?2018-09-12T17:02:23-04:00

Halotherapy may benefit anyone with any respiratory ailment ranging from seasonal allergies, a common cold, to pneumonia or COPD. Moreover, individuals with skin conditions and muscle aches and pains also benefit. In addition, individuals use Halotherapy as a place for relaxation; as the environment within is calming. It is safe for all ages from infants to older adults. Salt caves are highly recommended for those who are not ill as they help prevent illness and help to maintain the lungs, considering the harsh pollution in the air in our part of the world.

How many salt cave treatments do I need?2018-08-23T01:48:53-04:00

Number of treatments depends on the illness and the seriousness of the illness. Everyone is different and reacts to the treatment differently. Some notice effects after merely a few minutes, others after a few sessions. Keeping in mind Halotherapy (Inhalation therapy) isn’t a get healthy quick, instant relief steroid inhaler. It is a drug-free all-natural holistic treatment of the respiratory system that takes time. The average number of sessions recommended by doctors in Europe is between 12-14.

What do I wear in the Salt Cave?2018-08-30T09:52:52-04:00

Wearing any type of comfortable clothing is recommended. The salt in the air will not ruin any clothing, it will simply leave light salt particles on clothing (usually noticeable on darker clothing) that can simply be brushed off. As we keep the climate like that of a real salt mine, it is much cooler in the cave (between 16-18 degrees Celsius). As a result, we provide everyone with a blanket to use during a session. If you are susceptible to cold temperatures, please dress accordingly. Due to the lower-than-room-temperature, blankets are provided upon entry to most Healing Salt Caves. However, if you are visiting for skin treatments, shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt is required so the salt particles may absorb and contact your exposed skin.

I heard your locations are “fragrant free” what does that mean?2018-07-31T21:23:10-04:00

Wearing strong colognes, perfumes, essential oils, and any other fragrant-type cosmetics is to be avoided out of respect for our other visitors. Many of our visitors have sensitivities to such fragrances, and as a result this is a policy that we stand strictly by. We can refuse entrance into our facility if we feel you have neglected this policy. In addition, we would appreciate all customers who smoke to not smoke an hour before coming to our facility.

How long are you sessions and what are the cost?2018-07-31T21:22:47-04:00

Refer to our treatments to learn about the price and duration of all our treatments.

How should I prepare for my first treatment at the Healing Salt Cave?2018-08-23T01:49:48-04:00

Comfortable clothes are recommended. For the Salt Cave, the temperature is cooler than room temperature therefore we recommend bringing a sweater (blankets are offered). Arriving 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment is suggested to complete intake paper work for first time visitors. Most first-time visitors will receive a brief introduction to halotherapy, what it is, and what to expect from your time at our locations. The most important rule to keep in mind is that this is a process therapy; that means it is not instant relief medicine; be prepared to relax and breathe deeply.

Are there any known negative side effects?2018-07-31T21:22:34-04:00

No, there are no known cases or reports of any negative side effects. Please contact us if you have any questions.

If I am under a doctor’s supervision and/or taking prescribed medication, should I stop taking my medication when undergoing treatment(s)?2018-08-30T09:54:10-04:00

Absolutely not! We will never recommend discontinuing the use of any prescribed medication. If in the time of your halotherapy treatment you notice differences in your symptoms or some relief of pain or discomfort of your symptoms, ask your doctor if stopping or slowing your medication is right for you. For example, puffers and inhalers are a sort of steroid for your lungs, during treatment you yourself may notice a decline in the need to use inhalers as well as over the counter allergy pills; but you should always consult with your doctor about these choices. Every individual’s body is different and will respond to treatments differently.

Are they ANY circumstances where Halotherapy should not be used?2018-11-06T09:01:13-05:00

Treatment should be avoided during the acute phase of any illness, including the following: infections accompanied by fever, acute active tuberculosis, cardiac insufficiency, COPD in the third stage, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol or drug intoxication, unstable or uncontrolled hypertension, and acute stages of respiratory diseases. Individuals with heart problems and pregnant women should consult a physician before undergoing the Infrared Sauna.

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